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Anyone who loves carry-on bags because of their convenience can tell you the importance of having a carry on bag with you when traveling. Along with the carry on bag has its difficulties however, you have to deal with the expensive check fees and security check issues. 

There are also important things that must be packed in the carry-on bag, especially when flying on a much smaller plane with stricter carry-on rules.

ID and Money

If your airline misplaces your luggage, you may never lay eyes on your ID again and is not fun losing any kind of ID. So always keep IDs in your carry-on bag, whether passports, national ID, driver’s license, you name it.

By money I don’t necessary mean liquid cash but anything else of monetary value, the likes of jewelry and credit cards. Remember, and sorry to say, there are always dishonest people who will exploit any chance of going through your bag as soon as it presents.


This may sound obvious but it’s worth mentioning, especially if you are a regular medicine taker. Pack all medications in the bag, not what you just need for the flight. Just imagine your luggage gets lost for several days and you only have a day’s worth medicine.

Should your medications be in liquid or needed in needles, then getting a letter from a doctor is really worth it. This helps you fix the problem of carrying restricted items on the plane.

Electronic and fragile items

Electronics; laptops, iPods and cameras, and other fragile items may break easily during any part of the travel process. Live alone the non-gentleness of the baggage handlers, what about the possibility of turbulence considering airplane is a moving vehicle?

And just like in the case of jewelry and money, you don’t want these sentimental items fall prey to dishonest people.

Toiletries and changing clothes

You may not have to bring large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc, but carrying a reasonable and approved pack is a good way to get it. You may also pack some changing clothes, they may come in handy.

It’s not that you can’t buy them in case your luggage doesn’t turns up, but it saves you from the hustle of finding and rushing to a store right away.

Additives’ of comfortability

Regardless of an engaging talk by your neighbour, flights can be significantly boring. So why not pack some books, iPods or even laptops. This helps you pass time by reading, listening to music or watching movies.

Taking some snacks with you saves you a great deal, especially in cases where airlines don’t give food on domestic flights or you are simply a dedicated lover of certain snacks.

Bring a bottle of water and some tissues to deal with any weird airplane conditions should it present. For instance, when it is dry and irritating your nose.

The need for an enjoyable flight is what you desire and what to pack in carry-on bag is the best way to get it. Take control, don’t take chances.

Gone are the days of packing every item or clothing that you might conceivably wear on your trip. Nowadays you only need to be smart when packing your clothing and accessories for trips. It’s a great idea to pack everything in a single, semisoft bag whose combined width, length and depth does not exceed 60 inches (152.4 centimeters). This is because this is the maximum size that most airlines allow passengers to carry on board. With a light language, you will minimize the chances of leaving some of the bags in the hotel. Here are a few tips for packing light for travel.

Prepare a list and check it twice

Before you start packing, it is important that you prepare a list of the items that you need for the trip. You can make several lists, one for three days trip, four days trip, another for a weeklong trip and so on. As you make the lists, you will realize what you need and what you don’t need for the trip. Unless you are meeting the same client, you can pack the same suit that you used for the previous meeting.

Pack some detergent

If you can just spare a few minutes to wash your pants, socks, shirt or blouse in your rental, you can significantly reduce your luggage. Pack a few easy to dry clothing for the trip. Wash your clothes in the bathroom, roll them with a towel and squeeze to remove excess water before hanging it to dry.

Pack clothes that can serve double purpose

You won’t have to pack a lot of clothes if you have some that can serve double or even triple purpose. Those black jeans or olive colored khakis can double up as hiking as well as dinner outfits. Women can do with pick a wrap dress as an all-purpose wear for relatively formal and casual occasions. You can also reduce the luggage by wearing your sports watch rather than packing your clock-radio.

Go with consistent color scheme

This is one of the great tips for packing light for travel. Having a travel wardrobe with many matching outfits gives you more mix-and-match options. With these options, you don’t have to pack multiple pairs of shoes or belts. Neutral colors such as black and white can easily match with many outfits. Dark clothes are ideal for trips because they hide the inevitable tea or coffee drip that will happen at some point during your trip. 

People travel to different destinations more often for varied reasons. However, safety should be the ultimate primacy whenever you are traveling to a foreign land. This is important because when you are safe, you will be able to have a peace of mind thus conducting your activities without uncertainties. There are several tips on how to stay safe while traveling and some of them include the following;

Learning more about the country you are traveling to- this is very essential in determining your safety while traveling to a foreign destination. Understanding more regarding the particular country you would desire to travel to is fundamental because it enables you to know varied factors that would affect you while you are away. Some of the factors that you will be able to understand by learning more about the respective country you are traveling to include weather, time difference and various cultural practices such as preferred type of clothing among many more.

Ensure you have backups for your documents- this is also another vital way of staying safe while traveling. There are instances when you might forget to carry or misplace some of your traveling documents such as hotel tickets, Visa, Insurance certificates, or medical test certificates among many more. This could be disadvantageous in some countries, which could greatly inconvenience your journey. Therefore, it would be imperative that you scan such important documents and store the copies in virtual space. This will make it easy to produce them should any unlikely event such as theft arise.

Be wary of what you are eating- the type of food that you eat can greatly affect you in one way or another. It would therefore, be essential that you keenly check what you eat and eating habits, to prevent you from suffering undesirable setback. You should also know the type of food you could be susceptible to and avoid eating anything that tastes weird to you. It is however, advisable that you go for fresh fruits and vegetables if you are having a challenge in determining right type of food for you in a foreign land.

Do not carry large amount of cash- To stay safe while traveling, it is advisable that you refrain from carrying large amount of cash. This is important because you can easily lose your money mostly through theft. The ideal thing to do in this case is to use travelers’ checks and credit cards while traveling since these are convenient and relatively safe.